Merry Festivious


Is it just me or are Christmas themed menus oh-so boring? Stuffed chestnut this, honey-roasted that and don’t get me started on the vege options most of which feature either butternut squash, goats cheese and some kind of carbohydrate or a combination of all three.

It’s all delicious, don’t get me wrong, but it’s tired and what’s more eating out during the festive season becomes atiring. There are only so many times one can stomach stuffing. It gets to the point where come the 25 Dec all you want is a salad.

I’m sorry for getting all prematurely bah-humbug but would it kill the chef to be a bit more interpretive on the Christmas theme. My local, and normally well executed, (pardon the term) gastro-pub felt the need to apologise openly on the front page of it’s Christmas menu for not featuring turkey. I know, panic, no turkey!! You’ll be happy to know that it reassures it patrons “if you would like to replace the guinea fowl with a little more tradition please let us know."

I’m sure the guinea fowl is delicious if a little on the apologetic side.

So in the spirit of good cheer and peace to all men I offer this advice. We are not all Andy Park. Merry Christmas