A whole lotta coffee

Perfect macchiato cup from Andon Ryokan, Tokyo Honestly, is there any hot beverage that is better than a well brewed cup of coffee? It’s a rhetorical question.

I know there are people out there that claim ‘they don’t like coffee’ or ‘they can’t drink coffee’ but really do believe that they just haven’t found the right one for them. And like love there is the right one for everyone. For me it’s the rich, dark and incredibly viscous stuff the, as if by magic, erupts out of my percolator each morning. With just a little hot milk. I of course do not discount the little latte or the foamy cappuccino or the lightly frothy flat white – but macchiato is where my heart lies. By Strange coincidence this article popped up in yesterday’s Times. In amongst the fascinating facts and trends there was this sentence:

“flat white — the trendy, short drink developed in Australia and New Zealand that everyone seems to be ordering.”

I was ever so amused. Hailing from the Land of Oz myself, trendy is not the word I would use to describe the now ubiquitous flat white. My mother drinks flat whites, always has.  Some of my earliest memories are of her ordering one at the counter of a ghastly shopping centre coffee shop while I stuck with a chocolate milkshake. Well I was 7.

Another interesting tit-bit I found in some rather advertising-like videos I saw recently is that coffee beans before they are dried and roasted are called cherries. What a perfect name.

Oh well – back to my coffee.

*Image: Perfect macchiato cup from Andon Ryokan, Tokyo