2010 ...


First of all HAPPY 2010! I have to say I’m not exactly sad to see the back of 2009, a relatively disappointing year all round in many respects. And now it’s gone.

Now 2010 on the other hand – I don’t want to jinx things but I think it’s going to be a goodun’. The year has already got off on the right foot for me in the snow-bound south although I hazard a guess that many in the north of the UK (minus the school age children) won’t agree with me. We have SNOW!

Down in the land of Kew, Surrey everything is nicely dusted with fine icing sugar. It has a satisfying, not fatal, crunch underfoot like a good crisp sandwich (I prefer salt and vinegar) and makes everything on my midday run look quite picturesque. Each gasp of air feels like a gulp of cold water and you can feel it flooding your throat and inflating your lungs.

The twelfth night of Christmas has been and gone and the days are finally inching their daylight hours longer. The last of our lovely shipment of Nussecken (nut corner biscuits from Germany) are running out and the clove-oranges are banished to the storage cupboard along with the decorations and cards. We are ready for the New Year!