Death by burger

Last night I had the enormous pleasure of paying a visit to #MEATEASY, the celebrated static version of the Peckham/London lunch favourite The Meat Wagon. #MEATEASY brings all the deliciousness of the burger, chilli dog, onion ring or fry to the upstairs room of the The Goldsmiths Tavern while it’s being renovated. They have the space till mid March so far so get in quick.

My chilli burger was a big, sloppy, delicious, mess of a thing on the American theme of a burger. Or at least my idea of what an America burger would be like - this idea having been formed from a prodigious education of American teen movies and the briefest of stays in Houston, Texas. I digress, the #MEATEASY burger was fantastic and the jalapenos left my lips tingling to the point of distraction. Juicy does not cover it and it was/is not a burger for the faint of heart or the meat-nervous. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘the onion ring’ generally but it being ‘the done thing’ I indulged and very happy I did too. I gobbled down five crispy, light and wonderfully greasy hoops and went back for the crumbs. Fries and mac’n’cheese are also available and having pinched morsels from my fellow diners plates I can confirm they were just as yummy. But the burger really does take pride of place.

Growing up in Australia the burger came from one of two places. The BBQ or the local fish’n’chip shop. Defining local as local to where ever you are at the time. The best kind of local was by the beach where we would then ate our burgers, that came with egg and pineapple, wrapped in paper, sitting at a picnic table listening to the sea.

I had a conversation with a New Zealand friend of my recently and he practically jumped out of his skin on the mention that burger ‘could’ come with tinned beetroot. For him it was a *must* not a perhaps.

The burger as a food item does happen to be one of those things that incites great personal passions in people. With clamouring return of the The Big D to London chain Byron Burger and the fabled meaty delights of Hawksmoor as contenders for best burger in London tell me how you like your burgers? Juicy and meaty with very little adornment or perhaps with added herbs and spices? Does salad feature, just lettuce and tomato or indulgences such as coleslaw? Cheese or no cheese? And don’t even get me started on the vegetarian option!

Tell me pleeeeease.

At my #MEATEASY supper I had the pleasure dining with @AndreDang @SabrinaGhayour @sloLondon @pausefortea @aurumpress and a few others and we all left groaning with meaty delight and just the slightest satisfying touch of indigestion.

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