Kitchen detritus

The pot bubbles, you taste it, add some seasoning and stir. You taste it again, a ha! I know what it needs. A good squeeze of lemon juice. Grabbing the only lemon left in the fruit bowl you slice it in half and crush the juice into the pot. Perfect. Dinner is served and delicious it is too.

You wash the dishes and put out the compost and as you wipe down the bench, there it is. Sitting all smug and yellow; the other half of the lemon.

‘Oh well’ you say to yourself, I’ll use it tomorrow, I’ll just pop it in the fridge.

You open the door and your hand holding the little half moon of lemon absentmindedly goes to the place on the door where you keep all the half used things and DOH! There’s already one there.

Don’t you just hate that!

What clutters up your kitchen? What lurks, half used in your fridge? I’m sure most of us have a fair collection of one-use only utensils that clutter up a drawer or two but, I have been noticing the biodegradable items more lately.

A friend commented that she’s forever collecting half used tea bags as she’s a drinker of weak tea. ‘Half used’ tea bags of the common and green variety decorate her kitchen sink awaiting their second cup. Another friend tells me for her family it’s chillies: not a fan of their heat but of their flavour she cuts them in half and the unlucky half languishes in the fridge. Slowly shriveling up with dehydration.

Avocados are a classic. Although I’ve never understood why you don’t just eat the other half there and then with a spoon and a squish of that half of lemon you have spare. Half onions, half cloves of garlic, half a cucumber, half bunches of herbs, all of these seem to suffer the same fate.

Even the best of us are guilty of it. Food waste.

If you want to find out some more fast facts about the ridiculous amount of food waste Australians produce each year Do Something! Foodwise is a good place to start. And there are so many great and dedicated people out there attempting to sharpen up their end of the food waste equation. Second Bite, Food Bank, Oz Harvest, Fareshare to name but a few. There are also people adding value to our food waste to turn it back into an asset to the community. Food not Bombs, Salvos and numerous others.

But the best place to start is in your kitchen. Make sure you use up your kitchen detritus.

IssuesAnne Giacomantonio